Mah Bad

So last night I totally forgot to ┬ámention I have an etsy shop. I’ve put up most of my artwork on that site, but of course there are a few gems I can’t bear to sell. Check it out at . I know it really hasn’t been updated in a while and it’s mainly older stuff but it’s all for sale and I’m slowly working on new projects. There just isn’t enough time in a day!

On a side note, evil homework needs to be defeated today… and as soon as that’s done and over with, the first “real” blog begins! I say real because I’ve been itching to show some things rather than talk about it. What was that? You’d like a sneak peak? Oh I can’t do that. Oh fine, if you’re going to twist my arm about it…

It’s an AWESOME, super simple recipe for a delicious… TREAT! I can’t give it all away. What kind of blogger would I be?

I’ll document step by step guide and I promise it’ll be the best _____ you’ll have ever tasted!

Until this evening!

Someone just couldn’t get up today


Virgin Blogger

So here we go. Virgin blogger at your service. For the longest time I’ve wanted to document my art, projects, baked goods and maybe even a few other random things. Why this hasn’t happened until now is plain and simple. I am intimidated. This site has been started in August and here and I am, mid October writing my FIRST post. You have to find colors to use, pictures, categories, all this stuff! I know I could pay to have a wonderful layout in front of me, but I am stubborn and I feel okay admitting it. Regardless, the process is started and I plan to stick with keeping up with my blog. To set things off in the right direction, I should probably introduce myself and the purpose this blog will serve.

I am 23 suburban of the magnificent Windy City: Chicago. Currently in school (counting the days until I finish) and pursuing Marketing. On the side I love to create art. I do anything from drawing to painting, to pyrography. Pyrography has been my focus for the past 2 years and in case you’re not sure what this is, it’s wood-burning. I use a professional tool that is basically a soldering tool that has a variety of tips. I’m a handy girl that will never pass up a DIY project. I was a baker for a short-lived 6 months, yet a memorable 6 months and the passion to bake has never dwindled. These are all things I’d love to share and hope you’ll enjoy!

On a more personal level, I will probably post a bunch of ridiculous pictures and stories about my dog Chewie. He’s an adorable overweight Puggle (pug and beagle) with an extremely mischievous side. You’ll know what I mean soon enough.

omigod too stinking cute

On that note, there is more to come! Can’t wait!