Virgin Blogger

So here we go. Virgin blogger at your service. For the longest time I’ve wanted to document my art, projects, baked goods and maybe even a few other random things. Why this hasn’t happened until now is plain and simple. I am intimidated. This site has been started in August and here and I am, mid October writing my FIRST post. You have to find colors to use, pictures, categories, all this stuff! I know I could pay to have a wonderful layout in front of me, but I am stubborn and I feel okay admitting it. Regardless, the process is started and I plan to stick with keeping up with my blog. To set things off in the right direction, I should probably introduce myself and the purpose this blog will serve.

I am 23 suburban of the magnificent Windy City: Chicago. Currently in school (counting the days until I finish) and pursuing Marketing. On the side I love to create art. I do anything from drawing to painting, to pyrography. Pyrography has been my focus for the past 2 years and in case you’re not sure what this is, it’s wood-burning. I use a professional tool that is basically a soldering tool that has a variety of tips. I’m a handy girl that will never pass up a DIY project. I was a baker for a short-lived 6 months, yet a memorable 6 months and the passion to bake has never dwindled. These are all things I’d love to share and hope you’ll enjoy!

On a more personal level, I will probably post a bunch of ridiculous pictures and stories about my dog Chewie. He’s an adorable overweight Puggle (pug and beagle) with an extremely mischievous side. You’ll know what I mean soon enough.

omigod too stinking cute

On that note, there is more to come! Can’t wait!


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