A dog with her tail between her legs.

Title is describing me. So, I know that in my last post I claimed I was going to be posting a super easy recipe for the best ____ you will ever make! annd… well I never did. So since then, I’ve been ashamed and avoiding adding a new post. I am not even checking the date of my last post. Here’s to a FRESH start and a little about myself!

I am a full time student with two jobs not including my online shop so it’s safe to say I’m a busy lady. This is also a huge reason why my post I promised to do was never posted. Why will it be different this time? For the next ENTIRE week… I do NOT have class! I double checked all my syllabus’, jumped on my couch Tom Cruise style, through my papers in the air and wooed like I’ve never wooed before. So here we go. A whole week of meaningful posts!


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