My first DIY

This DIY is half assed. Excuse the language and my not so existent effort. I am currently waiting on getting a new camera… and until then I am using my phone. Not an awesome alternative, but using my phone makes it hard to get  pictures of the process since it only takes clear pictures in natural lighting and most my crafting happens in the evening with darker lighting.

This project is a twist on a different DIY project I found. Here is the link  She does a BEAUTIFUL job!

Now a few tips of my own are:

You will actually need to leave the oven cleaner on the back of the mirror for a decent amount of time. Once I started scrubbing, I would reapply the oven cleaner just to help out. Other than the scrubbing, it wasn’t too bad. Just like Flamingo Toes mentioned, use a scrubby that isn’t too rough and be careful not to apply too much pressure to scratch the glass. I actually wanted a foggier look on the mirror so I would scrub pretty hard and then to make the edges fuzzy I would go with a normal amount of pressure.

I know that Flamingo Toes used fabric, which might have been easier. I just used paper that I had lying around from Michaels. Their packs of paper are ridiculously awesome, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, GO TO MICHAELS! The packs give 50 sheets and they are assorted by stick to a theme. They range from $12.99 to $19.99 but if you download the Michaels APP on your phone they always have a 40% off coupon available. The reason why I say it may have been easier is because, with paper, if you use too much mod podge it will distort the paper and crinkle the edges or could trap bubbles. Make sure not too use to much mod podge and flatten out the paper as much as you can after.

Those are all the tips I have! Flamingo Toes does a great job and I hope you like my version of this project! If you love this mirror as much as I do, it is selling in my shop at .

Your Craftworker,


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