New Drill and Early Post

Here’s the deal. I want more than anything to showcase things I love and what I am working on, which is the very reason I started this blog. After work today I sat down and thought of all the things I could possibly show and I nearly had a panic attack trying to imagine when and how I would be able to show everyone everything I love (which is a lot… I love sharing). With some help from fellow bloggers and people I’ve bounced ideas off of (mainly my boyfriend) a plan has been devised! I want to break down the days with different interests I have. Not only will you know what you can expect everyday, it’ll be a challenge for me. A daily blog? Sounds impossible, but call me stubborn, I DON’T CARE. Here’s the break down:

Monday DIY – I’ll do my very best to show you a project step-by-step

Tuesday Thrifts – I love thrifting and I am fortunate enough to have so many thrift stores in the area. Most thrifts I either wear or use for projects. Either way, my finds are great and it’ll show you how easy it is to find hidden treasure.

Wednesday Wants – This day will usually be a list of things I want. It’ll range from an entire outfit I’d love to wear if I could afford it, or places I’d love to see or even heavy duty projects I’ll one day do.

Thursday Life and Love – This is a hard day to fit into a title. Thursdays will mainly be a personal day. I want to share what is going on in my life, my thoughts, personal projects and most likely a ton of stories and pictures of my dog Chewie. You got a preview already.

Friday Funday – Fridays are meant to be fun. The end of the work week, the first day of the weekend! Who could complain? I want to fill this day with something to pick you up, maybe teach you a fun fact and just get you ready for an amazing weekend!

Saturday Beauty – I’m a girl. Not a super girly girl, but hey, I’m a girl. Every girl needs fashion, hair and health in her life and I am here to deliver.

Sundays Bakery – I love baking and love baking new things. I will share my successful baking experiences along with the amusing disasters. Nothing beats a Sunday like sitting around, baking and then stuffing your face.

I am excited, ecstatic,elated, pretty much everything that starts with an “e” and means thrilled, to make this daily blog happen. I mean I am up at 1 am posting this only to tell you my plan and how wide-eyed I am about it. Goodness. 1 AM and I need to be up early in the morning? Goodnight all and see you in the morning for Wednesday Wants!

Your Determined Craftworker,



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