Gifts :)

I love making gifts for people and here’s one of them!


This is painted on a very thin piece of wood. I’m not quite finished, I was planning on painting more on the frame. I wanted and old rustic real frame look so we’ll see how it turns out!


Galaxy Earring Holder Frame

I think I am obsessed with these earring holder frames! I wanted to post a tutorial on how to make this one, but I didn’t get enough pictures so I will do my VERY BEST to clearly describe every step.

Here is the final product:

And lets proceed with the steps!
1. Find a frame – I got lucky with this one. I went to my local Good Will and stumbled on this gem. The sun and the moon were already in place.

2. Remove backing – I took the back part of the frame that had the stand off including the glass it came with. The stand would be useful but it will block where the earring will go.

3. Cut Canvas – all i did was place the frame on top of the canvas and traced it, and then cut it. 

4. Penny Tracing! – I’ve used pennies to trace where the paint WON’T go. This is important because once the paint dries (I use acrylic), it dries hard and impossible for the earring stud to go though. Here is a picture of this step:

You can see that i’ve overlapped the pennies because it gives you a better shape of where the earrings will go.

5. Start Painting!! – I started with the black paint. I used a brush that was fairly firm because once you get around the area that you’ve traced you want to almost dab it one with the bristles to give it a softer effect. This is your project though, so if you want clean lines, go right ahead!

6. Galaxy time – For this part I used a nail art tutorial. It’s the best way to explain the process. Instead of nail polish, I use regular paint. I also used sponge but you can use any fabric you are willing to through out or even a paint brush depending how well you can handle a paint brush. Here is the video:

Easy Galaxy Nail Art

The only part of the video I didn’t stick to was the very end with the white dots. Instead I just splatted white paint across. This gets MESSY so be outside or have some newspaper down! I also flicked the brush with my fingers to create the splatter.

The canvas painting is now done!

Next is the frame:

With the frame you’ll use the same technique as the canvas. My frame was a dark blue so I didn’t have to paint too much. I picked a couple corners to do the black in. With my galaxy, I painted from one corner to another so when it came to the frame I “continued” the galaxy in the same corners. I placed the canvas under the frame while paint just so I could be accurate. Once I started the splatter part on the frame I took the canvas away.

And there you have it! Your very own Galaxy Earring holder! I have a few more frames that I’ve found from Good Will, but I”m not sure what to do with them yet. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post below =)Image






Mini Lucky Cupcake Ornaments


These are the cutest little mini cupcake ornaments that you will ever find and let me tell you… they are pretty easy to make!

Here’s what you will need:

(not included in the picture is elastic sparkly silver thread I got from Michaels)
As you can see, these are some pretty basic items that you most likely have around the home. The mini cupcake liners I got from Williams Sonoma about a year ago and they were only $1.25 for a pack of 75 or so.

1. Start by plugging in your hot glue gun and get your mini cupcake liners and pennies. I use pennies because they weigh down the cupcakes. You can use any thing that’s small that has some sort of weight. If you don’t, the paint will end up making the cupcake top heavy and it won’t hang or sit right.

2. Once the gun is heated up, put some glue on the penny (I do my pennies heads up for good luck 🙂 you never know!) and then place it on the inside of the liner and push down to flatten it.


Easy right?

COTTON BALLS! Side story on the cotton balls: I have a friend that is absolutely terrified of cotton balls. One day in high school she confessed her fear and somehow a cotton ball just appeared out of nowhere in her purse which brought on the most bizarre panic attack. I will never look at cotton balls the same way, I can’t make this stuff up people.

3. This part gets a little tricky. I use the Jumbo Plus cotton ball size. The bigger the better right? They almost look like hay bales. The easiest way to get the swirl effect is putting it on its side, on your finger like this:Image

At first it’ll just sit flat, but gently start pushing the top center down and move towards the outer edges of the cotton ball. The cotton ball starts to separate a little and you can start to see the swirls.

4. To get more of a clean cut I use scissors to “trim” the swirls. I like to start at the bottom and work my way up around the swirl. Think of it as taking a lawn mower up around a swirly hill. That’s the best I can describe it.  Keep in mind not to cut too much because once you begin painting, it’ll get flattened a little. It should look like this: Image

5. Now we must glue the cotton ball in the cup!Image

I squeeze some glue out on the sides of the liners since there is a huge hole in the center of the cotton ball where our finger once was. I pinch together the bottom of the cotton ball and squish it into the liner carefully. Make sure you don’t squish out your swirl! Image

It looks huge, but don’t worry, the paint will tone it down a little!Image

6. Finally time to paint! This part surprisingly takes the longest.

  • First pick a brush that is thin and firm to get into the ridges and help shape the swirl.
  • I first begin by painting inside the swirl like this:Image
  • Once the swirl has it’s outline, I started paint the sides and tops like this:Image
  • The bottom gets tricky. I used a bigger brush to save time but then switched to the small thin one to get in the sides so you can’t see the cotton ball next to the liner.
  • There may be a few spots that are missing, but don’t worry! I let mine dry first and then came back to fill in the spots. This helps because if you put too much paint on it right away the cotton ball will soak it up and it will shrivel more than you’d want it to.

Ta Da!

***You can add real sprinkles if you want or even glitter! I kept mine a bit simple just for this tutorial***

7. Here comes the final step! Grab a decent sized needle that will fit your sparkly elastic thread. I pinched the top of the cupcake gently and poked a hole first with the needle. Then threaded the silvery string through. Cut the thread, knot it, flatten out the top of the cupcake again and VOILA! You’ve got a Mini Lucky Cupcake Ornament!Image

** if you somehow rip the paint open, don’t worry, just apply some more paint!**

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! It’s fairly easy, a little time consuming, but could be a great gift to family and friends! If you don’t have the time to make them, check out my Etsy shop in the next few days and I’ll have a few posted that you can buy!

I’d love some feedback and to see your work if you try this tutorial! Its one of my firsts so I’m open for some good ol’ criticism.

Your Craftworker,

My first DIY

This DIY is half assed. Excuse the language and my not so existent effort. I am currently waiting on getting a new camera… and until then I am using my phone. Not an awesome alternative, but using my phone makes it hard to get  pictures of the process since it only takes clear pictures in natural lighting and most my crafting happens in the evening with darker lighting.

This project is a twist on a different DIY project I found. Here is the link  She does a BEAUTIFUL job!

Now a few tips of my own are:

You will actually need to leave the oven cleaner on the back of the mirror for a decent amount of time. Once I started scrubbing, I would reapply the oven cleaner just to help out. Other than the scrubbing, it wasn’t too bad. Just like Flamingo Toes mentioned, use a scrubby that isn’t too rough and be careful not to apply too much pressure to scratch the glass. I actually wanted a foggier look on the mirror so I would scrub pretty hard and then to make the edges fuzzy I would go with a normal amount of pressure.

I know that Flamingo Toes used fabric, which might have been easier. I just used paper that I had lying around from Michaels. Their packs of paper are ridiculously awesome, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, GO TO MICHAELS! The packs give 50 sheets and they are assorted by stick to a theme. They range from $12.99 to $19.99 but if you download the Michaels APP on your phone they always have a 40% off coupon available. The reason why I say it may have been easier is because, with paper, if you use too much mod podge it will distort the paper and crinkle the edges or could trap bubbles. Make sure not too use to much mod podge and flatten out the paper as much as you can after.

Those are all the tips I have! Flamingo Toes does a great job and I hope you like my version of this project! If you love this mirror as much as I do, it is selling in my shop at .

Your Craftworker,