Newest Project

I’ll start off by saying that spring break did me some good. I got some sun (Thank you California), I relaxed, explored the never-ending Los Angeles and even got some art done! I’ve actually started a new series. My boyfriend managed to get his hands on 5 plain skateboard decks that have absolutely no finish on them **I almost cried when he told me**  and have begun a new series. He actually helped with the new idea as well. The idea focuses on Evolution and will be shown across all boards. The sequence is still not set in stone, but hey, I got it started. So here is what I’ve been working on:

This first picture shows the sketch ready to transfer and in position of where it’ll be placed:



This is a shot of the finished outline and the major details in progress:


And lastly the finished burning:


I’m really happy with how it turned out and have already started the second board. I’ll try to put up pictures soon. 


**One question I have is, should iI leave the board as is and call it complete, or add a stain to the wood? The stain would most likely be a slightly dark brown/red. Opinions and insights would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks guys!


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Galaxy Earring Holder Frame

I think I am obsessed with these earring holder frames! I wanted to post a tutorial on how to make this one, but I didn’t get enough pictures so I will do my VERY BEST to clearly describe every step.

Here is the final product:

And lets proceed with the steps!
1. Find a frame – I got lucky with this one. I went to my local Good Will and stumbled on this gem. The sun and the moon were already in place.

2. Remove backing – I took the back part of the frame that had the stand off including the glass it came with. The stand would be useful but it will block where the earring will go.

3. Cut Canvas – all i did was place the frame on top of the canvas and traced it, and then cut it. 

4. Penny Tracing! – I’ve used pennies to trace where the paint WON’T go. This is important because once the paint dries (I use acrylic), it dries hard and impossible for the earring stud to go though. Here is a picture of this step:

You can see that i’ve overlapped the pennies because it gives you a better shape of where the earrings will go.

5. Start Painting!! – I started with the black paint. I used a brush that was fairly firm because once you get around the area that you’ve traced you want to almost dab it one with the bristles to give it a softer effect. This is your project though, so if you want clean lines, go right ahead!

6. Galaxy time – For this part I used a nail art tutorial. It’s the best way to explain the process. Instead of nail polish, I use regular paint. I also used sponge but you can use any fabric you are willing to through out or even a paint brush depending how well you can handle a paint brush. Here is the video:

Easy Galaxy Nail Art

The only part of the video I didn’t stick to was the very end with the white dots. Instead I just splatted white paint across. This gets MESSY so be outside or have some newspaper down! I also flicked the brush with my fingers to create the splatter.

The canvas painting is now done!

Next is the frame:

With the frame you’ll use the same technique as the canvas. My frame was a dark blue so I didn’t have to paint too much. I picked a couple corners to do the black in. With my galaxy, I painted from one corner to another so when it came to the frame I “continued” the galaxy in the same corners. I placed the canvas under the frame while paint just so I could be accurate. Once I started the splatter part on the frame I took the canvas away.

And there you have it! Your very own Galaxy Earring holder! I have a few more frames that I’ve found from Good Will, but I”m not sure what to do with them yet. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post below =)Image






Most recent project


Here is my most recent project! I’ve been so fed up with fumbling in my earring bowl trying to find its match. I don’t want to go out and buy a bulky jewellery box either so this I what I came up with! My mom gave me this gorgeous frame. Its a little beat up but I think it just adds character. I cut out some fabric to glue to the back. I used a stiff canvas since its sturdy, won’t stretch out, and you won’t see all the holes created by the earrings. I used a ruler to draw lines with a normal pen to section off where the earrings will go. (The organizer in me strikes again!)
** SIDE NOTE*** to make this your own, you can use paint or even use a sewing machine to stitch the lines or patterns.
Once the sectioning is done, I flipped the frame over and used a hot glue gun to glue the canvas in place. The gluing was probably the hardest part because you had to tug on the fabric a little so it won’t sag when its hung.
And voila! You’ve got yourself a chic earring holder. My only issue with the piece is that you’d have to take the frame down if you want to grab some earring, but I figure if you have time to pick out earrings, you have time to take them down!



I know I gave a huge shpeal about doing this daily blog and being committed and blah blah blah. None of that has changed, it’s just gotten harder. Im in my final 2 and half week stretch for the semester to be over and it feels like it’s never going to end! Good news is I’ll be working on a few projects, so I’ll keep updating progress, it just won’t be daily. Until then! Oh p.s. My dog is even giving me the look of disappointment


Your Busybody Craftworker,



New Drill and Early Post

Here’s the deal. I want more than anything to showcase things I love and what I am working on, which is the very reason I started this blog. After work today I sat down and thought of all the things I could possibly show and I nearly had a panic attack trying to imagine when and how I would be able to show everyone everything I love (which is a lot… I love sharing). With some help from fellow bloggers and people I’ve bounced ideas off of (mainly my boyfriend) a plan has been devised! I want to break down the days with different interests I have. Not only will you know what you can expect everyday, it’ll be a challenge for me. A daily blog? Sounds impossible, but call me stubborn, I DON’T CARE. Here’s the break down:

Monday DIY – I’ll do my very best to show you a project step-by-step

Tuesday Thrifts – I love thrifting and I am fortunate enough to have so many thrift stores in the area. Most thrifts I either wear or use for projects. Either way, my finds are great and it’ll show you how easy it is to find hidden treasure.

Wednesday Wants – This day will usually be a list of things I want. It’ll range from an entire outfit I’d love to wear if I could afford it, or places I’d love to see or even heavy duty projects I’ll one day do.

Thursday Life and Love – This is a hard day to fit into a title. Thursdays will mainly be a personal day. I want to share what is going on in my life, my thoughts, personal projects and most likely a ton of stories and pictures of my dog Chewie. You got a preview already.

Friday Funday – Fridays are meant to be fun. The end of the work week, the first day of the weekend! Who could complain? I want to fill this day with something to pick you up, maybe teach you a fun fact and just get you ready for an amazing weekend!

Saturday Beauty – I’m a girl. Not a super girly girl, but hey, I’m a girl. Every girl needs fashion, hair and health in her life and I am here to deliver.

Sundays Bakery – I love baking and love baking new things. I will share my successful baking experiences along with the amusing disasters. Nothing beats a Sunday like sitting around, baking and then stuffing your face.

I am excited, ecstatic,elated, pretty much everything that starts with an “e” and means thrilled, to make this daily blog happen. I mean I am up at 1 am posting this only to tell you my plan and how wide-eyed I am about it. Goodness. 1 AM and I need to be up early in the morning? Goodnight all and see you in the morning for Wednesday Wants!

Your Determined Craftworker,


A dog with her tail between her legs.

Title is describing me. So, I know that in my last post I claimed I was going to be posting a super easy recipe for the best ____ you will ever make! annd… well I never did. So since then, I’ve been ashamed and avoiding adding a new post. I am not even checking the date of my last post. Here’s to a FRESH start and a little about myself!

I am a full time student with two jobs not including my online shop so it’s safe to say I’m a busy lady. This is also a huge reason why my post I promised to do was never posted. Why will it be different this time? For the next ENTIRE week… I do NOT have class! I double checked all my syllabus’, jumped on my couch Tom Cruise style, through my papers in the air and wooed like I’ve never wooed before. So here we go. A whole week of meaningful posts!